Having a team that collaborates across disciplines is essential, since most of our projects result in platforms with brand narratives that span many channels.

We’re comfortable leaning outside the ordinary constraints of job descriptions and functions, and we strive to become good at those skills that others find difficult. We offer:

Brand and identity development

More than just logo design, we develop and refine the personality, behaviours and attitudes that define brands.

Digital experience design

We build rich and immersive digital experiences that delight users, across multiple devices and formats.

Editorial direction, design and publishing

Our editorial desk gets under the skin of client brands, expressing their unique personality and point of view through beautiful print publications and multimedia content.

Film production, photography and animation

We have an in-house photo studio, and we draw on a network of veteran stylists, photographers and filmmakers for location work.


We design bespoke packaging, and our production team has managed in-depth collaborations with print and fabrication partners in Africa, Asia and Europe.

Retail, environmental and spatial design

From signage and interiors to interactive displays and storefronts, we develop immersive retail environments to bring brands to life, drive sales and increase customer engagement.


Nimble, talented startups have proven time and again that small, multidisciplinary teams are capable of launching brands that can challenge entire industries.

That’s why, unlike most agencies, we develop our own products and services. These might be short-lived activations that pop up for a brief moment, joint ventures in which we contribute design skills to a partner’s project, or scalable startups that we grow into disruptive standalone businesses.

One or twice a year, we identify a noteworthy cause or non-profit organisation and assist it in achieving its goals. If you’d like us to consider your organisation in our next round of planning, please contact us.

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