UX / UI designer

UX / UI designer

We have an immediate opening for a talented UX / UI designer.

This is a hybrid position for someone who understands what great design is, how technology works, and the principles of interaction design.

Prettiness isn’t the point. Neither is sheer utility. It’s about designing experiences that are useful, entertaining and intuitive enough to spread and work across multiple devices and channels.

You’ll have experience in interface design, and some impressive projects under your belt. You’ll have a mind bursting with ideas of how to delight users. You’ll focus on details that others may find obsessive, yet know that it’s precisely those details that make all the difference.

The role will provide you with a challenging opportunity to expand your skills and horizons, learning and collaborating with an accomplished team of likeminded colleagues.

To apply, send us some of the work you’re most proud of. If you have any questions send an email to hello@politburo.co.za

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